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Setup Algolia account for your GatsbyJS blog

2018-03-29 greg lobinskiinstruction

As I wrote in the Starter Instalation post the starter needs access data to your Algolia account.

If you do not have an Algolia account yet you have to sign up now.

If you already have an account go and open the Apps page and click the NEW APPLICATION button.

Algolia - Apps

Set the name of the new app and choose plan for it.

Algolia - create new app

Then choose a region.

Algolia - choose a region for the app

Your app is ready to use.

Algolia - app dashboard

Now it’s time to create an index. Open Indices section. And click the ADD NEW INDEX button.

Algolia - indices

Set a name for the index.

Algolia - create index

That’s it. You’ve set everything what you need to setup the starter’s searching feature.

Algolia - new index

The final step. Open Api Keys section.

Algolia - Api Keys

And copy Application ID, Search-Only API Key and Admin API Key and put them together with the Index’s name into the .env file described in the Starter Instalation post.

More info about the searching feature in the following post. Stay tuned. If you have any question use the Comment form below.